Who is the Lady in a hat?

The Lady in a Hat to date has had a life (like many others) sprinkled with many new experiences, opportunities to grow, to learn,  to both personally and professionally develop, a life filled with moments of happiness, sadness, laughter, struggles, pain, loss, discoveries, joy, madness, excitement, adventure, fun and so much more. Travelled the globe visiting South America, India, Thailand, Africa, Australia, USA, Cuba. A writer for over fifteen years having short stories and poetry published. My past lives have included creative writing facilitator, an IT Trainer, Career Coach, a youth volunteer, an addiction group therapist, literacy tutor and a volunteer with a rape crisis centre. Interests are varied and many: photography, design, travel, music, theatre, arts, food, health & nutrition, fashion, politics, dance, comedy, literature, film but mostly…

Passionate about the world and the people with whom I share it with. This blog an opportunity to share my thoughts and opinions of the issues that affect us all.

Why the Lady in the Hat? I have always had a love for hats (and gloves) believing they can change and add a touch of style to any outfit. I wear them every day and have now become referred to by those who do not know my name as the Lady in the Hat, so it only felt right that I name my blog after her.


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