Journey Into the Unknown

Howth, Dublin Photo by Lady in the Hat

I have thought about writing a blog for some time now, hasn’t everyone? A blog about what though?

I have been a computer trainer for over sixteen years and for the last couple thought long and hard about packing it in, but to do what? Psychoanalyst? Writer? Life Coach? Career Coach? I could turn my hand to anything but just anything won’t do.

A recent graduate in psychoanalysis, with a huge crisis in mental health and long waiting lists there would be plenty of work? Not that simple. Set up my own practice? Those who really need our services can’t always afford to pay and setting up privately is a costly business. Within the public sector? It can be extremely difficult to gain paid employment. I have been writing for over fifteen years, having both short stories and poetry published. More recently I have enjoyed attending spoken word events and am working on some pieces in the hope of performing them in the future. For the last two years I have assisted clients in discovering their own career path, yet I was no nearer to discovering my own. How can I combine the huge knowledge, experience and skill set I have gained to date into a viable career or even a business?  This is my first step.

The blog will be a journey of self discovery, a journey into the unknown, one where I will hopefully discover my true passion and path. I look forward to you sharing this journey, sharing your thoughts and opinions.

a warm welcome to you all,

The Lady in the Hat 



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